Furry Friends of SoLu

SoLu Estates is a canine friendly property and home to an amazing and friendly group of pups. They like to run the trails and make frequent table visits to the patrons on the patio. During the race, they will be kept inside so that they don’t disturb the riders, but once the race is over you may get a friendly furry face peeking up at you, looking for a belly rub.

You are welcome to bring your dog too, however they must be leashed.

And keep an eye out for the handsome fellow on the top left corner! That’s Red Dog!!! He is the leader of the pack and will do anything to chase a stick, but please don’t play fetch with him and give in to those puppy eyes. Red has a heart condition and any over exertion could be very dangerous for him. Belly rubs, of course, are always welcome!

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