Our Wines

White Wine And Roses

Venus Dry Rose
Our beloved Frontenac Gris grapes from Sophie’s Vineyard make for a blend that hase the spirit and the coor of Venus

Ice Wine
Sweet delicious dessert wine from the frozen vine to the wine

Venus Off Dry Rose
An ever so slightly sweeter version of the original

Reds and Specialty Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon
Jucy and mouth-filling, this Yakima Country Cabernet is a work horse. Great on its own, it will pair well with a variety of meats and cheese

Wonderful dark fruit aromas carry through to the palate with a long and satisfying finish showing toasty and spicy oak

Washington Red Wine Blend
Perfectly balanced profile of spice, blueberry and blackberry, this full bodied red wine blend displays tremendous aromas of cedar, baking spice and violets. The palate is smooth with lingering soft tannins and hints of pepper. Enjoy now, or lay down for 12+ years

Scroll of Ruth
A delicious Malbec Barbara blend with a hint of coca and vanilla

Highlands Blend
A Zinfandel led blend that, while lighter in color, hides a bold earthiness and spiciness sure to please

Ruby Red
It’s a laid-back red with a fruity sweetness. Bursting with ripe fruit notes on both the nose and the palate and with very little of those pesky tannins.

Sophie’s Choice
For those of you who love Sangria with big fruity flavors and lush sweetness. Just add your favorite fresh tropical fruit and you will be transported


With only three ingredients (honey-water-yeast) it’s a mead to make the Vikings proud! It has all the beautiful aromas and flavors of pure honey.

Blackberry Thumper
A beautiful color and delacate pronounced blackberry

Strawberry Gold
A rich fresh strawberry nose. Sweet, refreshing, and crisp with a satisfyin finish.

Honey Badger
A blend of mead and apple wine. What a combination! The apple is prominent on the nose while the honey is more subtle and then comes through mid palate

Strawberry Gold
A rich fresh strawberry nose up from sweet, refreshing, and crisp with a satisfying finish

Amazon Blue
A fresh and fruity combination of blueberries and acai berries. The flavors will bring sunny, sprint days to mind so drink it year round.

Door County Cherry
A deeper blush in color, the tart of the cherry comes through nicely balancing the sweetness of the honey

Wild Ginger Root
This invigorating mead, like an uncarbonated ginger ale with more of a kick, can be served in so many ways! Drink it straight, throw it over and top it off with seltzer water or use it in your favorite cocktail!

Absolute Acai
Honey from the frozen tundra and fruit from the tropics. A mead that will make you want drive to the nearest beach and soak your toes

The aroma is a marvelous mix of coffee and honey. Tork’ed has all the alcohol and all the caffeine.

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